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MAY 2012  |  A Window on Nature : Art of Asuka Hishiki

tomato and apple, watercolor painting by Asuka Hishiki Asuka Hishiki, An Accidental Resemblance—An Apple and a Tomato (Malus domestica and Solanum lycopersicum), 2011, watercolor on paper, dimensions life-sized.

A Window on Nature: Art of Asuka Hishiki, an exhibition of over 35 watercolors illustrating a poetic and detailed observation of plants and insects, is on view at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park from April 26 - June 6.

The show includes Asuka's portraits of tomatoes and vegetables from New York City's celebrated Greenmarkets and her imaginative plant-like insects from her Association of Type B metamorphosis Entomologists (ATBE) series.

Influenced by a childhood reference book of insects, plants and animals, as well as her fascination with the work of 18th century naturalist and scientific illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian, Hishiki's paintings are painstakingly detailed and exacting—individual hairs are visible on her renderings of life-sized ants. Offering a visually nourishing treat, Hishiki faithfully captures crisp, ripe colors of locally grown vegetables, as well as the sensuous formations of heirloom tomatoes, which resemble Edward Weston's peppers. In her fanciful ABTE series, plants grow butterflies instead of flowers and brilliantly patterned caterpillars sprout mushrooms on their backs. Though a stickler for details, she also forms personal relationships with her subjects, naming each of her tomatoes based on their shape (Mr. Big Nose and Yakuza Brothers) and creating intricate histories for her whimsical insects. [ Excerpt from artist's press release. ] Read more...

Photography and video have since become the norm in nature documentation—recording species faster and more accurately than painters. However, Hishiki wonders if they record her subjects as she sees them. Cameras have one fixed, instantaneous vision, yet she notes that people need time to see an object. Painters have multiple viewpoints and time to study and reflect on their subjects, selectively capturing details. Hishiki displays her paintings on stark white paper that suggest the form of collection boxes with the hope that others will see as much beauty and invest the time in her specimens as she does.

A native of Kyoto, Japan, artist Asuka Hishiki received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (1995) and her Master of Fine Arts in Painting (1997) at Kyoto City University of Arts. Hishiki is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and has exhibited in their annual exhibition at the Horticultural Society of New York since 2009. Hishiki has also exhibited at the Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton, New York; the South Australia Museum, Adelaide, Australia; The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York; Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, New Jersey; and the New York State Museum, Albany, New York.

APRIL 2012  |  Horse Racing: Photography by Arthur Frank

Horse Racing: Photography by Arthur Frank, Essay by Joe Drape

We loved scanning the images for Arthur Frank's new book, Horse Racing. Arthur's enthusiasm is contagious, and his exuberant personality made the project all the more fun. After the digital files were all sent to the publisher, we were happy to make large-format archival giclée pigment prints for Arthur's book launch exhibition.

This book contains 168 photographs of thoroughbred racing taken by award-winning photographer Arthur Frank in the United States, France, and Ireland, and is introduced by a personal essay by The New York Times sportswriter Joe Drape. The photographs capture the beauty and excitement of one of the world's most popular sports by depicting the development of thoroughbred race horses from their days as foals, through training sessions, and then to the track. It also highlights the unique relationships between the horses and those individuals who bred them, own them, train them, care for them, and bet on them. As the photographer is more interested in the sport of horse racing than with celebrity, the book offers a unique humanistic depiction of the sport of kings and concludes with a tribute to the winners and losers. [ Publisher's book description ]

Hardcover book available through Schiffer Books.
Black & white and color archival giclée prints available; contact us for details.

Feb 2012  |  U hOO Birds - Designer Handbags Made In NYC

U hOO Birds U hOO Birds leather handbags designed by Erin Straine, made locally in NYC.

Designer Erin Straine wanted a playful, kitschy site to showcase her U hOO Birds brand of locally made handbags and accessories.

The custom uhoobirds.com site represents our newest generation of sites built with Wordpress, to be flexible, SEO-friendly, and easily self-updatable.

We teamed up with Onward Design for the site design and a fresh logo, and made custom animations using original drawings by Erin. Her passion and excitement is contagious; everyone had fun collaborating on this project to bring the U hOO Birds colorful, quirky style to life online. Plus, we're happy to support a local small business committed to fair labor products: all U hOO handbags are made right here in New York City's Fashion District.

Browse at uhoobirds.com.

Jan 2012 | SOPA/PIPA - Tell Congress: Don't Break the Internet!

On January 24th, our Congress will vote on the latest versions of the internet censorship bills known as SOPA/PIPA. Please watch the short video or see this infographic to see how the laws in question will affect you. Then make your voice heard - contact your representatives and ask them to vote NO!

As artists and creatives, we depend on an open and independent internet. These bills will limit our rights of free expression and allow the biggest players, our government and large corporations, to block access to any site featuring any content they don't like. The dangerous scope of these laws puts the burden of proof on the website owner; sites can be shut down based on accusations alone. Plus, messing with DNS, the foundation of the internet, will destabilize the web and make it less secure.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this bill would cost us $47 million tax dollars a year — that's for a fix that won't work, disrupts the internet, stifles innovation, shuts out diverse voices, and censors the internet. This bill is bad for creativity and does not protect your rights.

More info about how SOPA/PIPA affects you:

Wordpress.org - open source blogging platform
Fractured Atlas - arts service org
Stanford Law Review
Wikipedia - will be blacked out in protest on January 18th, 2012


SugarHill Works New Large-Format Giclee Printer First test print on newly installed 44" printer! Print image by Allison Michael Orenstein.

We're expanding our fine art and photographic printing services! SugarHill now makes exhibition-sized archival giclée prints from our new large format printer! Plus, we're offering a wider selection of fine art papers.

Please see our new pricelist for pro film and flat art scans and archival giclée prints. We've simplified our scanning pricelist to make choosing the right scans for your needs even easier, and we've lowered our prices for additional prints and editions (10 or more) of the same image. Ask about bulk discounts.

Special 10% OFF discounts on prints for scanning clients, or scans for prints!

Giclée prints, also known as archival pigment prints or archival inkjet prints, are becoming the new standard for fine art reproduction and photographic printing because of their exceptional quality and longevity.

Our ultra-high-resolution printer uses the finest archival HDR Ultrachrome inks, for the widest possible color gamut, and can produce prints up to 44" wide (by any length). Choose from a variety of acid-free archival fine art papers or high quality photobase papers.

Personalized service and distinctive work is our specialty. We take pride in making quality archival pigment prints for the most discerning artists and galleries. Combining our background in fine art with years of experience printing in photo darkrooms, we make custom color adjustments and fine tune each image. We'll work closely with you and make proof prints as needed.

Our color-managed workflow ensures that colors are accurately reproduced. We carefully match your prints to your digital images viewed on our calibrated* Eizo monitors, or to the original artwork or sample print provided by you.

Want to see for yourself? We'll make you a test print. Contact us for an estimate.


The News page is on temporary leave, while we focus our efforts on building our new site. Please visit our facebook page for postings of art shows and events.

Look forward to the launch of the updated sugarhillworks.com site in 2012! Our new site will feature an interactive News blog, where we'll resume posting our clients' work and events. We have a backlog of artwork and new custom sites to showcase!

MAY 2011  |  John Mack: Revealing Mexico  Photo Exhibition

John Mack: Revealing Mexico Los Cardencheros, Torreon, Coahuila, 2009 & A city bus in downtown Durango, 2008

We really enjoyed collaborating with John Mack on his Revealing Mexico book and website project for the bicentennial celebration events last fall (see News), and we're proud of our work (and flattered by John's feedback)! So we're especially excited for John's photography show, featuring the original b/w prints.

In his first exhibition with Robert Mann Gallery photographer John Mack presents selections from his series Revealing Mexico. Rendering this complex country in black and white, Mack has assembled what critic Teresa del Conde calls a "mosaic of identities." Expansive urban and rural landscapes, enigmatic street scenes and views of contemplative or poetic moments all conspire to sketch an intricate text of the nation. At once testament to the richness of contemporary Mexican intellectual culture, with portraits of seminal figures such as Graciela Iturbide, and Chavela Vargas, this body of photographs also does not shy from the contradictions inherent to Mexico's status in the twenty-first century as a place seemingly mystical, mysterious and modern. [ Excerpt from press release. ]

John Mack: Revealing Mexico
May 19th - July 1st, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19th, 6-8pm
Robert Mann Gallery: 210 11th Ave (btwn 24th & 25th St), NYC

Preview and purchase the book online; custom site by SugarHill Works!
Site in English: revealingmexico.com
Sitio en Español: revelandomexico.com

MAY 2011  |  Kate Davis Caldwell : New Website & Open Studio Event

Kate Davis Caldwell Kate Davis Caldwell, Flux, oil on canvas, 58" x 36", Everything is Everything series, 2011.

We're excited to announce the launch of Kate Davis Caldwell's new custom artist portfolio site, showcasing her gorgeous paintings and drawings! Working with Kate has been great, with fruitful collaboration and idea-sharing throughout her site's development.

Kate's recent paintings and drawings investigate the complex, natural world and explore modes of synthesis, symbiosis and change. These explorations rest somewhere between the real and imagined, the conscious and unconscious. The worlds that unfold, and the newfound forms that trace their origin here, present a suspension of otherworldliness. [ Excerpt from artist bio.]

If you're in the Boston area, you can see Kate's artwork at her open studio:

11th Annual Fort Point Arts Community
Spring Open Studios Event
May 6th - 8th, 2011
in Boston's historic Fort Point neighborhood.

Or browse the online galleries of her new site! » katedaviscaldwell.com

MAY 2011  |  Adarsh Alphons Projects: Project Exhibition 2

Adarsh Alphons Projects: Project Exhibition 2 Click to view full text of above flyer.

Adarsh Alphons projects and Asya Geisberg Gallery are proud to present Project Exhibition 2, the second installment of art work created through the unique vision-based education method by students at the Adarsh Alphons Projects.

Marking its first full year in operation, this exhibition features art work from over 25 emerging young student artists, created in our Harlem space, and from our partnership with Fresh Air Fund.

The art works in the exhibition are for sale. All sales proceeds go directly to the artist who created it.

SugarHill Works attended the first exhibition of these young student artists, where we were inspired by the kids' enthusiasm and impressed by their perceptive vision of the world (in need of real-life superheroes)!

Check out this piece from Davon's Good People figure series, hangin' with the elephants in our new studio-office HQ.

Adarsh Alphons Projects Inc. is a full-scholarship, after-school and weekend visual arts education program for middle and high school art students. It is an invitation to the creative youth of New York to explore art in a bold and unique way.

This awesome *free* art school for kids provides weekly project-based art classes. The project work is multi-dimensional, the classes are taught by both professional and resident artists from all over the world. Classes will culminate each year in project-based student work on display around the city - and the world – in both group and solo exhibitions as well as public art projects that are interactive and site-specific.

Adarsh Alphons Projects: Project Exhibition 2
Opening Reception: Monday, May 9th
Asya Geisberg Gallery, 537B W 23rd St, NYC

To find out more, go to adarshalphonsprojects.org or visit the facebook page.

APR 2011  |  Erin O'Keefe, Artist & Architect: Color, Light, Space

Erin O'Keefe, color squares © 2011 Erin O'Keefe. Color light boxes, 24" x 24" giclée prints.

More views: enlarge yellow / enlarge orange / view both images

"I was exploring the interaction of color and light - thinking about color as a spatial phenomenon..."

We couldn't think of our own words to describe the enchanting "reverse trompe l'oeil" effect of staring into Erin's large giclée prints, a 2D representation of her light box sculptures. But we love the play of color, light, and space!

"My work operates in the terrain between two dimensional representation and three dimensional space. My photographs examine space and place. I understand space as an objective formal construct; a phenomenon of light and vision..."

Erin O'Keefe is an artist living and working in New York City. In addition to her fine art career, she is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. Her work is in museum and corporate collections including the San Francisco MOMA and the Progressive Corporation. [ Excerpts from bio and artist statements.]

Visit erinokeefe.com to see more of Erin's amazing work.

MAR 2011  |  Paata Stanley Management For Creatives

Paata Stanley Management

Need a creative rep? Working with Paata Stanley is easy, with his consistently upbeat attitude, proactive and practical approach, prompt professional follow-up, and genuine enthusiasm for his creative clients. As a small business partner, we especially value PSM's ability to network with a diverse team of people and resources, and dependably manage all details of a project. Plus, Paata is honest, straightforward and fair, so everyone on the team benefits.

Paata Stanley Management's mission is "to provide the best management assets to my creative clients. My goal is to increase the visibility in the marketplace for my clients and strengthen their career profile. Having my clients reach their professional goals is my only focus. Using my contacts in the media industry I will put my clients in front of potential business opportunities they were not open to before."

Cheers to this fellow small business! For management services and advice, contact Paata via paatastanleymanagement.com, and check out his clients' work on the PSM Facebook page.

FEB 2011  |  Lembranças, A Recollection ~ Paintings by Amy Garas

Amy Garas, painting from Lembranças, A Recollection series.

Lembranças (keepsake or souvenir in Portuguese) ~ A Recollection features artist Amy Garas' latest series of colorful, intricate paintings.

Amy references her cultural heritage by expanding on memories, feelings and images that embody Brazil and being Brazilian. In this show, she investigates the historical significance of the Orishas and Carnival. [ Excerpts from press release. ]

Tracing the connection to her mother's Brazilian roots "led me to research Yemanjá, one of the Orishas I'd always felt an unexplainable connection to. This led to researching more about the other Orishas and... turned into something I wasn't expecting," says Amy Garas. "Some people go their whole lives not knowing there is magic all around them. This magic lives off of playfulness and laughter." [ Excerpts from artist statement. ]

This sense of whimsical joy comes through in Amy's charming, vivid paintings. We enjoyed scanning the paintings and matching the color in archival giclée prints, which will be available directly through the artist at her upcoming show:

Lembranças ~ A Recollection
Opening reception, with DJ Kava: Saturday, February 26th, 6-10pm
Arts & Family Day: Saturday, March 12th, 5-7pm
Raíces Cultural Center
100 Jersey Ave, New Brunswick, NJ

FEB 2011  |  Yannique Hall : Jasmine & Nicole, Photo Exhibition

Jasmine & Nicole, photos by Yannique Hall.

Yannique Hall's photo series Jasmine & Nicole is a memento of two close friends, photographed over a four-year period from 2007-2010, revealing intimate moments with sensual color and texture.

This collection of narrative photos will be on view in Yannique's upcoming show:

Jasmine & Nicole
Opening reception: February 22nd, 6-8pm
The Cooper Union, 5th Floor, 7 East 7th Street, NYC

FEB 2011  |  Kai Margarida-Ramirez de Arellano's Papel Picado

Heart Milagro and Hand Milagro, papel picado - cut paper, 5x7 giclée print cards.

Kai Margarida-Ramírez de Arellano is a Puerto Rican-born and New Mexico-raised 5th generation artist. Her work fuses pop-culture, political subject matter, and a passion for mixed media. Kai's irreverent medium of choice is the Mexican tradition of Papel Picado, or cut paper.

For more info about the history of papel picado, and Kai's process, check out our previously featured interview here...

We love and covet these intricate pieces, so when Kai approached SugarHill Works about reproducing some of the scanned originals as greeting cards, we all agreed it was a great idea! The resulting giclée printed cards look fantastic, and will be for sale at Kai's upcoming shows and events.

Latino/a Visual Imaginary: Intersection of Word & Image
Opening reception: Saturday, February 19th, 6-8pm
at 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM

Kai is also co-curating a show in NYC this spring...
Open Call for Art: Intersecting Identities, an exhibition open to all self-identified women artists in New York.
Submission deadline: March 1st
Opening reception: March 26th
See more info here (PDF).

El Santo and El Novia del Santo, papel picado - cut paper, 5x7 giclée print cards.

Contact Kai Margarida-Ramírez de Arellano via kaicita.com.

JAN 2011  |  SugarHill Works Celebrates Our 4th Birthday

Sweet treats: birthday cheesecake pie. So fun making the elephant, we forgot the candles.

Happy New Year! We recently celebrated SugarHill Works' 4th birthday, marking another year of continued growth. We're proud of what we do, and we're thrilled that your feedback shows what a difference personal attention and extra effort can make!

We'd like to thank you, our clients, for making 2010 a great year! Business is good, and we're looking forward to an exciting 2011 with lots of new changes.

The first is that Jenny Burgos will be changing her role from business partner to freelancer as she explores new interests and opportunities. Scanning clients: fret not! Under the direction of partners Dan Weisser and Ciel Mahoney, each with 10+ years experience in photography, SugarHill Works will continue providing the same great scans, prints and personal service you've come to expect. In fact, Jenny will be working closely with us to maintain standards, consistency, and make the transition seamless.

We've also got big plans for the new year, including expanding our scanning and giclée printing services, hiring qualified freelancers, and more. Look for more details and updates in the next SugarHill Post newsletter!

Thank you!
— Dan, Ciel, Jenny, Tan-ya

Subscribe to our newsletter, The SugarHill Post, for news and deals.

APR 2011  |  Noramise Update: Community Projects in Limbé, Haiti

Helping Hands Noramise - Aquaculture project in Limbé, Haiti Aquaculture farm for growing tilapia, in-progress. Limbé, Haiti, 2011.

Six current Noramise projects include development of an aquaculture farm for growing tilapia to improve the protein-deficient diet, plus projects in waste management, permaculture, education, facility construction, and microlending.

Please visit noramise.org - be informed and get involved!


Helping Hands Noramise - Center in Limbé, Haiti Rosedanie Cadet, entrance to Helping Hands Noramise center in Limbé, Haiti, 2010.

Rosedanie Cadet founded Helping Hands Noramise, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit service program focused on rebuilding issues and sustainable development in Limbé, Haiti, as a response to the urgent need for sustainable food production and jobs.

Since the big earthquake last January, "Coach" Rosedanie has mobilized a network of HHN volunteers, contributing to significant, tangible progress on the ground in Haiti. SugarHill Works is happy to help out by donating a website and web support, enabling Noramise to spread the word and to accept donations online*.

Recently, in light of the cholera crisis in Haiti, HHN's efforts have been focused on cholera prevention outreach/education and nutritional education. Facing a shortage of basic supplies such as bleach, soap, and rehydration packets, Rosedanie and the all-Haitian HHN volunteers teamed up with other local groups and launched a successful door-to-door campaign. Details on blog »

The key to HHN's work is this: as each team member learns a new technique, they have to teach it to the next person, ensuring that everyone really understands the new process and empowering them to reach even more people.

For more info, visit noramise.org. Thank you!

* Tax-deductible. Your contributions go directly to empower the Haitian people, and every dollar counts. All HHN administration work is done by volunteers.


Jon Plasse - The Light Remains Images from The Light Remains, 2009. © Jon Plasse.

Jon Plasse is surprisingly unlike our stereotype of a highly successful New York lawyer. His warm personality comes through in his subtle, elegant, poetic photographs. Jon's projects focus on remembering a special time, place or experience — often represented by personal loss, excitement or mystery.

Our favorite series is published in his book The Light Remains (2009). Jon took photographs of his ageing mother and her home in Long Island, over a four year period. The collection of portraits and images of personal mementos tells an intimate story. Silver gelatin prints, by Kelton Labs, are available upon request.

After working with SugarHill on scans for his upcoming book of the old Yankee Stadium, Jon was ready for a new website. We collaborated with Jon's book designer, Andy Jacobson, to create a simple, clean, and uncluttered site.

To view and purchase books and prints, visit jonplasse.com.


Made in Harlem Art & Gift Festival at Casa Frela Made in Harlem 2010, image courtesy of Lawrence Rodriguez and Casa Frela Gallery.

The Made in Harlem Art & Gift Festival, held at Casa Frela Gallery, will feature 23 local artisans whose work is chosen especially with holiday shoppers in mind.

You'll find a wide range of special one-of-a-kind gifts and art including handcrafted jewelry, porcelain ornaments, hand-bound journals, colorful textiles, printed t-shirts, handmade quilts, guide books, holiday décor and much more, making this festival a gift buyers delight. Enjoy your holiday shopping at a leisurely pace and support local artists and small businesses!

Made in Harlem Art & Gift Festival
Saturday, December 4th - Sunday, December 5th, 2010
10am - 7pm both days, admission is FREE
Casa Frela Gallery: 47 W 119th St, NYC

For more info, a complete list of the artists and artist bios, visit casafrela.com.


katrin reifeiss holiday 2010 collection Cleopatra Stripes Scarf Set, Katrin Reifeiss Holiday 2010 Collection.

Katrin Reifeiss' one-of-a-kind site reflects the vibrant colors and subtle textures of her unique hand-dyed silk fashions line, Designs by Katrin Reifeiss.

We've just updated the site with her new Holiday 2010 collection, plus a revamped design to compliment Katrin's evolving style. These gorgeous silk scarves for the winter season are available for purchase via custom PayPal e-commerce pages. Looking for a special gift? Share the love and support local artists... we really appreciate it!

"I love the holidays! The scarves I created are infused with the joy of color, excitement and fancifulness of the season. All made with love in Brooklyn, NY, from me to you." — Katrin



Revealing Mexico: photographs, essay & interviews by John Mack and Susanne Steines Excerpts from Revealing Mexico, 2010. Photographs by John Mack, text by Susanne Steines.

In 2010, Mexico observes two important anniversaries: the bicentennial of its independence from Spain and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. Revealing Mexico by John Mack and Susanne Steines is an astonishing new photographic portrait and literary testimony of the country. [ Excerpts from book press release. ]

An installation featuring photographs from the book, just released in September, will be on view during the Revealing Mexico Week celebration events at Rockefeller Center from October 25th-31st.

We're flattered that John trusted SugarHill Works to collaborate on this project and we're proud of our work: high-res b/w scans for the book and installation, giclée prints of the photographs, and a custom website featuring a full preview of the book and the official press page for the big event.

The idea behind Revealing Mexico is to present an honest image of Mexico, especially relevant in the context of current news and stereotypes. We like the book's pairing of portraits with conversational interviews of people across the full socioeconomic spectrum of modern Mexico.

John and Susanne write, "Cada cabeza es un mundo means 'every mind is a world' and could also translate to 'everybody is respected here, and we like to hear what you have in your head'—a testament to Mexico's openness to other people's differences. This is the reality of a foreigner traveling in Mexico." [ Excerpt from Authors' Note. ]

Revealing Mexico Week: Bicentennial Celebration Events
Oct 25th - Oct 31st, 2010
Rockefeller Center, NYC

Site in English: revealingmexico.com
Sitio en Español: revelandomexico.com


Diane Cherr, Pomegranate Tree, copyright 2009 © 2009 Diane Cherr, Pomegranate Tree. Gouache on paper, 12" circle.

We recently launched a portfolio site for Diane Cherr, an artist and educator. Her colorful narrative paintings explore mythology, iconography and Jewish heritage. She also works as an art teacher, artist in residence, and specializes in teaching students portfolio prep for college admission.

Visualizing and presenting her artwork online posed a challenge to Diane, who prefers analog over digital mediums. We worked with her through each aspect of the site development process, from creating a custom design (using scans of her favorite paper stock), to retouching old image files to bring out the vibrant color in her paintings, to using the new beta SugarHill Works Gallery Updater to edit the site's galleries. We were happy that Diane, a self-described "non-techy", found the Updater interface easy to use!

But the biggest reward came when the site was finally launched live, and Diane was so excited she cried with joy! Wow, did we feel accomplished!

Original paintings, giclée prints, greeting cards, and commissions are available; see more at dianecherr.com.


Kai Margarida-Ramirez de Arellano is a Puerto Rican-born and New Mexico-raised 5th generation artist. Her work fuses pop-culture, political subject matter, and a passion for mixed media. Kai's irreverent medium of choice is the Mexican tradition of Papel Picado, or cut paper. This folk art is influenced by an eclectic history of (New) Mexican and Chinese origins, while foreshadowing the language of stencil art.

The style of papel picado derives from the interaction between Pre-Columbian, European and Asian materials and traditions. While indigenous paper-cutting designs were done on sheets of bark, Spanish trade ships containing items wrapped in delicate Chinese tissue paper made papel picado what it is today. Now it is most recognizable in the banners decorating Mexican fiestas and ceremonies. Kai's adaptation of the medium bridges an analog form of drawing and cutting images with an almost digital sense of positive versus negative space. [ Excerpts from artist statement. ]

We absolutely love Kai's amazing paper cutouts, and we're glad she chose SugarHill Works for flat art scans of her work! Join us to see a selection of her latest pieces, plus works from new up-and-coming artists represented by White Train, at this event:

Space on White : Create. Collaborate. Inspire.
Friday, August 27th, 6-10pm
81 White Street (btwn B'way & Lafayette), NYC
Music by DJ MSG and Alex Edge. RSVP at whitetrain.com

SugarHill was so intrigued by the papel picado series, we interviewed Kai while working on her scans. She kindly wrote down her responses. See the SugarHill News exclusive Artist Vigette here...!

Kai Margarida-Ramirez de Arellano | Artist Vignette

I went to school at the University of New Mexico, but I didn't study art. I did a double major in Sociology and Women Studies. I studied art in high school but didn't pursue it as a major in college. My focus during college, however, always remained on art as a vehicle for social change.

I started cutting paper during a workshop with a Papel Picado master, Catalina Delgado Trunk. I had seen her work before and thought it would be fun to learn. But I had been doing mixed media and collage since childhood.

The process in Papel Picado begins with a drawing. The hardest part is making sure every element is connected when it is cut out. Traditional pieces use a grid-like background to connect the main subject and whatever border or decorative elements there are. I am currently trying to break away from the grid and rely on more creative use of space. After the drawing is made, I trace it onto vellum, making a master drawing that I then photocopy. I staple the photocopy to the actual paper I will be cutting, and cut through both papers with an Exacto knife, following the lines of the copy. Papel Picado is traditionally done on tissue paper and then hung up as banners on strings. Now my pieces are more intricate and I use sturdier paper. [ See more about the ideas and process on Kai's blog. ]

The largest piece I've made so far is 23" X 22 1/4". I have a lot of ideas of bigger, more complicated pieces and I want to combine more colors and mixed media into my work. I am limited right now because I don't have a studio to work in and I have no room in my apartment to go any bigger. I am applying for Residencies and will hopefully be able to dedicate more time and energy to realize these ideas.

My mother calls me a Renaissance woman because I love all things creative. I studied West African dance for 6 years and was part of two dance troupes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dancing makes me the happiest of any art form. I used to paint and do ceramics and photography also, but I haven't in years. I'd love to get back into it. I also played the piano for 6 years, love to knit scarves (although I don't know how to knit anything else and am dying to learn!), and can bake an awesome coffee cake.


Martín Weber, Comunidade Karapoto,
Alagoas, Brazil
, 2005.
The Map of Latin American Dreams series.
David Gonzalez, Dancers, Mott Haven,
August 1979
Faces in the Rubble series.

Join us for Summer Fiesta 2010, a cocktail party to benefit En Foco, a non-profit dedicated to cultural diversity in photography. Support artists often overlooked by the mainstream art world.

Bring a friend and share in celebrating En Foco's 35 year legacy! Purchase a limited edition Martín Weber print, bid on prints in the Silent Auction, or purchase prints from the Print Collectors Program.

All the money raised goes towards the cost of having exhibitions, printing a magazine, hosting free workshops, and all of the other great things En Foco does.

En Foco's Summer Fiesta 2010
Wednesday, July 14th, 6-8:30pm
Calumet Photographic: 22 West 22nd St, btwn 5th & 6th Ave, NYC
For more info and a preview of silent auction prints, see En Foco's blog.


They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore. #11 of A Very Long Year series. Read the story.

Stu Horvath's new custom portfolio site features his A Very Long Year project, in which he posts a single photo each day, accompanied by a story. To allow Stu to easily add images and text to the gallery, we built the site using the beta SugarHill Works Portfolio Updater interface. We're all quite happy with it!

Stu is a Senior Photo Editor at the New York Daily News and has been involved in all aspects of photography for more years than he cares to admit (he remembers the old days of film and darkrooms and the wonderful smell of fixer). In addition to being a photographer, he is also a writer ...Read more... [ Excerpts from bio. ]

Check out A Very Long Year and more at stuhorvath.com! Follow Stu on Twitter @StuHorvath, keyword #photooftheday.


Nancy Siesel : Kashmir Cross Culture Click here to see larger version of postcard.

Nancy Siesel is one of SugarHill's earliest scan and giclée print clients, as well as a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, former staff photographer for the New York Times, and two-time New York Foundation of the Arts fellowship recipient. The work in her upcoming solo show, Kashmir Cross Culture, was awarded a 2009 grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council.

Kashmir Cross Culture, a landscape and documentary multi-media project, "seeks to create visual connections of a decades long conflict through a collaboration of Nancy Siesel's photography and that of Kashmiri photographer Yasir Iqbal. ...The stunning beauty of the landscape in Kashmir, known as a paradise on earth, is contrasted by the massive, violent protests for independence from India that Kashmiri photojournalists document regularly." [ Excerpts from artist's statement. ]

Nancy Siesel: Kashmir Cross Culture
July 10 - Aug 5, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, July 10th, 5-8pm
SB D Gallery: 125 East 4th St, NYC


Josh Klatt 3D timelapse video still Stereoscopic 3D timelapse video by Josh Klatt.

We recently launched a brand new site for Josh Klatt Stereography! His custom site features 3D photo and video galleries with multiple viewing modes.

Josh works with clients who are exploiting "S-3D" experiences for advertising, education, fashion and entertainment. He also produces a bi-monthly TV show — NYC's only stereoscopic 3D TV show since 2008! Don't forget to click through to his blog for discussion, critique, and celebration of all things stereoscopic 3D, plus a link to get your own free 3D glasses!

Check out Josh's 3D work, plus his 2D photography of NYC scenes and characters at joshklatt.com.


If Not Now, When : Art + Music Festival For Peace and Justice Click here to see larger version of poster.

SugarHill Works designer Tan-ya Gerrodette has been selected to participate in the juried exhibition If Not Now, When. Presented in conjunction with Still Present Pasts, the show is a call for and consideration of peace, social justice, and non-violent resistance. Congratulations, Tan-ya!

If Not Now, When
June 26 - Sept 25, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 26th, 5:30 - 9:30pm
Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
For more info go to cmahawaii.org.


Jamel Mims: The Misadventures of Emcee Tingbudong

Azucarera Gallery presents 2008 Fulbright Scholar Jamel Mims' recent series on hip-hop culture in Beijing, China, The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong.

The multimedia exhibition is the result of a year-long study as a social documentarian living in Beijing's hip-hop community. The project is built on living and participating with practitioners of hip hop culture in Beijing, who demonstrate its four pillars of cultural expression: emceeing, break dancing, DJing, and graffiti.

"The artwork sheds light on the process of sub-cultural transmission—challenging a politics of imitation with a politics of conversation. They aren't simply copying what they see in American hip-hop. There is in fact an intercultural dialogue going on, if we only dare to listen." — Jamel Mims, artist. [ Excerpts from press release. ]

Jamel Mims: The Misadventures of MC Tingbudong
June 18 - July 8, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, June 18th, 7-10pm
Azucarera Gallery: 414 W. 145th St (basement), btwn Convent & St Nicholas Aves
For gallery hours, contact nova@azucareranyc.com.


Barter Town : Trading Post V: Juneteenth

The Heather Hart Experience presents the fifth installment of Hart's Trading Post projects, Barter Town. Participants are invited to bring their ideas, services, songs, stories, unwanted goods, canned goods, handmade art, appliances, anything they think may hold value and haggle for something that they want.

Barter Town will have the appearance of a carnival or block party, but run on bartering only — no money allowed. "Vendors" include artist Irvin Morazan with Horseman of the Apocalypse: Famine of the Chocolate Tamales, trading tamales for a verbal exchange based on the Mayan prophesy of 2012, plus many more...

Heather Hart is a 2009 Artist Fellowship recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). This presentation is co-sponsored by Artists & Audiences Exchange, a NYFA public program and Harlem Children's Zone.

Barter Town : Trading Post V: Juneteenth
Saturday, June 19th, 4-7pm
Duarte Square: at crossroads of Canal St, 6th Ave, Grand St, & Sullivan St
Bring something to trade! See complete info on the event page.


Thai Artists Alliance presents Siamese Connection

Thai Artists Alliance presents Siamese Connection, a four day multi-disciplinary exhibition. The event will showcase nearly 30 emerging Thai artists based in New York who will be working individually and collaboratively in fine art, design, photography, film and dance.

Program highlights include live music performances and special events daily. Filmmaker Apitchatpong Weerasethakul's recent Palme d'Or win at Cannes is just one indication of the work and talent emerging from Thailand and the Thai diaspora; don't miss this rare opportunity to experience it for yourself!

Thai Artists Alliance: Siamese Connection
May 25 - 28, 2010
Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 25, 7-9pm
Dumbo Arts Center: 30 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY
For more information and to register for free entry, visit: ThaiArtistsNYC.org.


Karen Garrett de Luna, Heavenly Bodies, Beloved (Chelonia Mydas) Karen Garrett de Luna, Heavenly Bodies, Beloved (Chelonia Mydas), 2010

Karen Garrett de Luna's graduate photography show recently opened at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC. The luminescent images in her new Heavenly Bodies series are gorgeous!

An attempt to navigate the landscape of the human body in relationship to the vastness of the night sky, Heavenly Bodies maps the visible to the invisible. These photo collages speak a secret language of symbols and connect the intimate to both the archetypal and the elemental. Unveiling ...see more... [ Excerpt from artist statement. ]


Paul Kennedy photographs + Francis Cape sculpture Paul Kennedy, Parlor, Southeast CornerFrancis Cape, Blue Piece

This exhibition unites the sculptural and installation work of Francis Cape with photographic projects by Paul Kennedy.

Paul and Francis share overlapping interests in the historical, social and economic spaces of architecture. In their newer works, both artists' work documents a specific location — Paul's family home in East Tennessee, and Francis' current residence in Sullivan County, NY.

Each artist in his own way is provoked to questioning and research by the abject, tragic, and Romantic aspects of architectural decay and destruction. Despite the emotional impact of this destruction, both share a direct, straightforward approach to the material and find these empty places to be very full. [ Excerpts from press release. ]

Paul's recent book, The end of the day, published in 2009, is a collection of these photographs of the old home in Tennessee. SugarHill scanned the original 4x5 negatives for the book, and worked closely with Paul to fine-tune the color to his precise specifications. See more in our News Archive.

Francis Cape & Paul Kennedy
April 17 - May 30, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 17, 5-7pm
Callicoon Fine Arts: 27 Lower Main Street, Callicoon, NY


Chuck Kelton, I Can See Right Through It I Can See Right Through It, 2010. Gold-toned silver gelatin print, 16x20 inches.

Chuck Kelton, master black and white printer, is owner of Kelton Labs, a first-class darkroom known for outstanding b/w services. We're proud that Chuck trusts SugarHill Works to meet his clients' scanning needs.

The exhibition Run From View represents the newest photographic explorations of Chuck Kelton. Drawn from autobiographical experiences, the work celebrates the chaos and fragmentation of life. Kelton constructs abstracted images which become narratives saturated with metaphorical structure. Inspired visually by landscapes, these images tend to be more mythological than temporal. Each photograph will be executed as editions of three, with the prints within each edition having slight variations. [ Excerpt from press release. ]

Chuck Kelton: Run From View
April 16 - May 17, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, April 16, 6-9pm
Causey Contemporary: 92 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn


Tan-ya Gerrodette, Citrus Tan-ya Gerrodette, Citrus

Contemporary Photography in Hawaiʻi 2010, the 2nd Annual Statewide Survey Exhibition, features a photo by Tan-ya Gerrodette, graphic designer at SugarHill Works. The show is sponsored by the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Pacific New Media and was juried by Jerry Omo and David Ulrich.

This group show offers artists who use photographic processes a venue for exhibiting work and provides a snapshot of the state of the art of photography in Hawai'i.

Contemporary Photography in Hawaiʻi 2010
April 2 - April 30, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, April 2, 6-9pm
South Street Gallery: 627 South Street, Kaka'ako, Honolulu


Frances Tulk-Hart: Shy Sunday Frances Tulk-Hart, Shy Sunday, 2010

Frances Tulk-Hart, originally from London, has worked in NYC for over a decade as a fashion stylist for high-profile magazines. Since she decided to start shooting as well, Frances often ends up being both stylist and photographer on the set.

Frances started bringing her negatives to us for custom scans and prints shortly after we founded SugarHill Works, and we've enjoyed getting to know her photographic work for a couple years now.

"Shy Sunday is a collection of photographs taken over a few years capturing people and places in their moments of solitude. The subjects often seem unaware of the camera, allowing us a glimpse of their natural unguarded emotions. There is a sense of shy contentment, with many of the photos capturing a sleepy secret bashfulness. In stark contrast to this warmth is the solitude felt in the landscapes which offers a much lonelier experience, one that leaves the viewer feeling quietly melancholy..." [ Excerpt from artist's statement. ]

Frances Tulk-Hart: SHY SUNDAY
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 24th, 7-10pm
Soho Grand: 310 West Broadway


Clymenza Hawkins, Chrysalis Clymenza Hawkins, images from The Underground Forest and the Chrysalis Collection

We first discovered Clymenza Hawkins' work at the Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour (HOAST) last fall, and were immediately captivated by the lovely images. We like how she combines painting with collage and photomontage, draws inspiration from mythology, faerie/folktales and music, and blends cross cultural references with a modern spin. Scanning her original artworks is a real treat!

See new pieces by Clymenza in a show at Azucarera, an artist run gallery in the historic Sugar Hill neighborhood of Harlem, NYC (right around the corner from SugarHill Works!). In celebration of Black History Month and Women's History Month, this show also features work by Sandra Lee Jamison, Sheila Storm and Ingrid Sturgis.

Standing in the Gap: Black Women Artists Take the Spotlight
Closing Reception: Friday, March 19th, 7-9pm
Azucarera Gallery: 414 W. 145th St (basement), btwn Convent & St Nicholas Aves
For gallery hours, contact info@azucareranyc.com.


Cherries in the Snow Coat by Nicole Baker Nicole Baker, Cherries in the Snow coat + design inspiration sketch, 2010

Nicole Baker's fashion designs, Handcrafted in New York, have been selected to debut at the Quarterly Art Soiree, where Webster Hall's multi-leveled caverns will be transformed into a gallery for a day. Established and emerging artists' work of all genres will be on exhibition beginning at 9am. A portion of proceeds from this inaugural event will go to Orphans International WorldWide.

Nicole will unveil a sampling of women's formal outerwear for spring in a runway show at 9:30pm. "Inspired by the 1940's, ballet theatre, and classic fairy tales, my coats evoke a time forgotten, when women dressed up to go everywhere, of vintage fabrics and ladylike touches that pay homage to the dying art of couture. Often this means starting with a vintage shape or garment and transforming it into a wearable and relevant piece for today." [ Excerpts from press release. ]

Custom orders may be placed following the show, or by contacting Nicole via her soon-to-be-launched custom website, thevisiontrain.com.

Nicole Baker Runway Show
Sunday, February 28th, 9:30pm
Webster Hall, Main Floor - Marlin Room: E 11th St (btwn 3rd and 4th Aves)
$10-$15 at the door. See the Quarterly Art Soiree poster for more info.


Helping Hamds Noramise: Cornmeal and rice at market, Limbé, Haiti Rosedanie Cadet, Cornmeal and rice at market, Limbé, Haiti, 2009

Rosedanie Cadet founded Helping Hands Noramise, a service program focused on rebuilding issues and sustainable development in Limbé, Haiti, as a response to the urgent need for sustainable food production and jobs.

The Limbé Project will provide jobs, education, and community resources, with the goal of creating a micro-development model that multiple towns can apply to build interdependent and sustainable local industries in the region.

Rosedanie moved from Haiti to Brooklyn as a little child. After traveling the world, she decided it was time to return to Haiti. Just one week after returning from a trip there, the earthquake hit, sparking even more urgency for her work.

She quickly mobilized a network of volunteers to assist Helping Hands Noramise in starting work on the ground in Haiti. SugarHill Works is happy to help out by donating a website and web support, enabling Noramise to spread the word about the project and to accept donations online.

Join us in supporting Helping Hands Noramise; your funds go directly to the local communities in Haiti and every donation helps!

Visit noramise.org for more information, and please share the link to your friends.


Erin Banta, New Orleans, Louisiana, America: Themes and Dreams Erin Banta, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2009

Erin Banta's upcoming photography exhibit, America: Themes and Dreams, opens this month in the same gallery space where we showed one of her images in the SugarHill Client Works group show last spring. We see this as a good sign!

Erin is an artist working in traditional film photography and ceramics, and is also a master color printer. We've had the good fortune to work with her for several years, both in the darkroom and in the design and build of her new portfolio site. See more stunning photographs at the recently relaunched erinbanta.com.

Erin Banta: America: Themes and Dreams
Feb 23 - Mar 6, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb 25, 5-8pm
New Century Artists: 530 W 25th St, Suite 406, NYC
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat, 11am-6pm


Livia Corona: Two Million Homes for Mexico Livia Corona, Two Million Homes for Mexico, 2009

Livia Corona's photography series Two Million Homes for Mexico won a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship. This project focuses on the surge of mass-scale neighborhood developments in Mexico, exploring their role in the ongoing transformation of the ecological, social and cultural landscape of the nation. [Excerpt from Guggenheim Fellows bio.]


Global Relief Now: Kids in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

SugarHill Works is proud to help the grassroots organization Global Relief Now (GRN) by donating a website and web support. Through their new site, GRN is able to accept donations online to raise funds for disaster relief in Haiti, as well as provide information about their organization.

Tan-ya met GRN co-founder Dion Wells in the cement bucket brigade while volunteering with a tsunami reconstruction project in Thailand in 2006. Dion had previously spent over 6 months doing disaster relief work in Thailand in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 tsunami on Phi Phi island. He was part of a team whose efforts earned them a Time Magazine Heroes of Asia award in 2005.

Global Relief Now hopes to bring the same effectiveness to Haiti, with 100% of donations going directly to assisting Haitians with relief efforts. Please visit globalreliefnow.org for more information and to donate.


Sweet Cuts Editorial : David Abelson, Editor

P-Star Rising is an award-winning documentary directed by Gabriel Noble, produced by Marjan Tehrani and edited by David Abelson. The film tells the story of Priscilla Diaz, a 9-year-old hip-hop artist who came to fame performing in Harlem, with her single dad as her manager.

After premiering at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, P-Star Rising has been on tour, winning awards at festivals around the world. The film returns to NYC with a screening at the Tribeca Cinemas Doc Series, and then will air on PBS Independent Lens on February 9th at 10pm.

We worked with the film's editor, David Abelson, last year, designing a his new logo and business cards. We had fun coming up with graphic ideas to go with the word play "sweet" + "cuts", and adding texture for a gritty analog style. The result was a balance of humor and straightforwardness, a lot like Dave himself.

P-Star Rising, screening with director and P-Star
Monday, Jan 25th, 7:30pm
Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street, NYC

Join Dave and the crew afterwards for drinks at the Tribeca Cinemas bar.


Heather Hart, untitled drawings Heather Hart, untitled, drawings and photos

This upcoming exhibit at 92YTribeca features works from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture's 1999-2008 classes. Skowhegan is an intensive 9-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists.

Heather Hart is an active artist working with installation and performance as a means of engaging viewers with her work. Her pieces often use humor and re-contextualization of objects to question social identities.

Heather's custom portfolio website was one of SugarHill's first sites, and we still love it! We're glad that she uses the site as an online archive to upload photo documentation of her site-specific pieces and performances. A personal favorite is her Uzi Coozies installation.

Skowhegan at 92YTribeca: An Alumni Exhibition
Jan 21 - Mar 7, 2010
Reception: Thursday, Jan 21st, 6-8pm
92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, NYC
For more info, see the event page on Facebook.


Gelateria Classica: 21st Century Gelato Cafe Franchises Site currently under development by SugarHill Works.

Gelateria Classica™ is a new gelato café franchise, serving tasty Italian gelato, soon to be expanding into the US. Look for the flagship store opening in NYC in 2010!

If you're wintering in Florida, head over to the Franchise Expo South trade show to check out the Gelateria Classica™ exhibit. Visit the friendly Italians in Booth #621 for samples of some of the most delectable gelato ever!

Franchise Expo South
January 15th-17th, 2010
Miami Beach Convention Center


Plum Jewelry Design by Nicole Rowars Wedding Bump Ring, in gold, Plum Collection. Photo by Halle Hutcherson.

We're excited to announce the New Years' launch of Plumstore, our latest custom portfolio site and online store!

Plum by Nicole Rowars is a fresh collection of designer jewelry featuring unique pieces in precious metals. Nicole's designs are fashioned using yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or silver, and accented with diamonds and semi-precious stones.

Nicole collaborated closely with Tan-ya, our graphic designer extraordinaire, throughout the process of designing Plum's new logo, business card, and website. The site is designed around stunning photos of the jewelry taken by Halle Hutcherson. The textured metal backgrounds make a foundation for layers of translucent overlays.

Plumstore.com features customized online shopping, making the Plum collection available for purchase beyond the metro area, just in time for Valentine's Day!


SugarHill Works 3rd Birthday

2010 will be our 4th year in business, and we're anticipating our best year yet! We recently celebrated SugarHill Works' official 3rd birthday by offering print specials. We've decided to extend this offer through the month of January!

Happy New Year!

With SugarHill's reputation for top-quality scans, naturally our long-term plans include expanding our digital printing services. Now is a great time to try our giclée prints, with a 10% discount on 11x14 and 16x20 prints. Plus, you can order a free 8x10 test print with any scanning job!

SugarHill Works was born a little over three years ago, when the four of us joined forces to start a creative company that emphasizes customized service and distinctive work. We're proud of what we do, and we're thrilled that your feedback shows what a difference some personal attention and extra effort can make!

We look forward to planning more events like the SugarHill Client Works art show and growing our services in the years to come. We'd especially like to thank our clients, without whom this birthday, and many more, would not be possible.

Thank you!
— Ciel, Dan, Jenny, Tan-ya


Since we started the SugarHill News page in April 2009, we've seen all kinds of outstanding art and noteworthy achievements!

To browse the work of the many talented artists previously featured, visit our archived news page here.

SugarHill Works image

These images were created for the 2009 SugarHill Client Works art show, on the theme of "elephants & candy". Ciel Mahoney, Earthly Delights; Dan Weisser, Untitled; Tan-ya Gerrodette, Shark's Cove; Jenny Burgos, Sugar Packet.