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The positive responses we hear from our clients is music to our ears. Listen to what they're saying about SugarHill Works...

"Sugarhill is exceptional not only because of the extremely high quality scans and artful retouching they consistently deliver, but because of the amazing personal service they offer... I entrust my work to Sugarhill with great confidence knowing that they understand and appreciate its inherent value and the care required of my negatives and instant originals."

— Marshall Kappel, marshallkappel.com

"SugarHill Works takes customer service to a new level — when you drop off an image to be scanned, you know you will be well taken care of, and your scans will meet the highest standards of quality. The staff is extremely personable as well as knowledgeable about the latest happenings in the photographic world."

— Michelle Pedone, michellepedone.com

"Great service and great scans from good people. SugarHill understands photographers, and they know how to treat us. Definitely recommended."

— Brandon Holmes, brandonhaleholmes.com

"With technical expertise and artistic sensitivity, SugarHill has helped me realize my vision by providing top quality scans. Thank you Dan and Ciel!"

— Karen Garrett de Luna, delunatic.net

"I always appreciate that I can meet with you one on one to relate what I want and to be informed about what you can do. That personal communication gives me the confidence that we're speaking the same language and that I'll get great results every time. Thank you."

— Jason Homa, jasonhoma.com