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The positive responses we hear from our clients is music to our ears. Listen to what they're saying about SugarHill Works...

"It's alive! Thank you both so much for creating an amazing website for me!

I had been planning on getting a website together for the past few years and it seemed like something always came up that got in the way of this goal. You both have absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way, and created not only a gorgeous site that showcases my art, but provided such a pleasant experience of collaboration and sharing ideas. I appreciate that my imput was always considered during the process, even when I would reconsider initial ideas or change my mind about something.

I'm thrilled that this major milestone is complete and owe it to you guys. I will absolutely spread the word to let others know that Sugarhill Works are rockstars!"

— Kate Davis Caldwell, katedaviscaldwell.com

"From the negatives to the scans, from the retouching to the book, from the ideas to the website, Sugarhill Works brought a vision to life.

They are true masters in the age of digital design and programming, yet still hold true to the sensual values of fine art — a combination which, in these days, cannot be underestimated. Great listeners, full of innovative ideas, they make the value of the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

With them I entrusted over 200 scans — perfectly matched to the original prints — for a book publication, and an intense, time-sensitive site which served as the online base for an entire nation's historic celebrations.

A diamond in the rough, I have recommended Sugarhill Works to all those involved in helping to bring my idea to fruition, and I recommend them to you."

— John Mack, revealingmexico.com

"Ah, yes, perfecto! The colors especially, and the textures, the photos, everything is perfect. I love it! You got it just right, and captured the essence of Perbacco's classic/modern fusion in the website design. Thank you, good job!"

— GianLuca Giovanetti, perbacconyc.com

"After six years of working with a large web site company, we decided to hire SugarHill Works to help revamp our site. It was one of our best decisions. We love our revamped site, and so do our customers! We found the team at SugarHill to be creative, professional and their rates to be reasonable. We look forward to working with them in the future."

— Jen Bruder, berkleygirl.com

"Sugarhill is exceptional not only because of the extremely high quality scans and artful retouching they consistently deliver, but because of the amazing personal service they offer... I entrust my work to Sugarhill with great confidence knowing that they understand and appreciate its inherent value and the care required of my negatives and instant originals."

— Marshall Kappel, marshallkappel.com

"I have had the pleasure meeting and working with the team that makes up SugarHill Works. From our first meeting I could tell I was working with talented, professional, and ethical individuals. When I have questions regarding anything related to my website, web traffic, or basic issues regarding my company’s online presence they are the company I call first. SugarHill Works have also assisted my clients with scan and print projects and other scan related issues. SugarHill Works is truly a client friendly company and my company is better for being associated with them."

— Paata Stanley, paatastanleymanagement.com

"SHW offers the most creative, inspiring approach to web design. They made an overwhelming process more accessible with keen attention to detail, timing and good humor. I look forward to working with the team on future projects."

— Edie Schechter, nycgreetingcards.com

"SugarHill Works takes customer service to a new level — when you drop off an image to be scanned, you know you will be well taken care of, and your scans will meet the highest standards of quality. The staff is extremely personable as well as knowledgeable about the latest happenings in the photographic world."

— Michelle Pedone, michellepedone.com

"Always on the ball! I was never waiting on them... they were always several steps ahead. Fast to respond. Great suggestions. Made me feel like I was a priority."

— Erin Banta, erinbanta.com

"SugarHill Works is a boutique scanning, printing and design lab located in Harlem. The quality of their scanning, and printing is outstanding, and, due to their somewhat lower overhead, their pricing beats the bigger, more commercial labs. Working one on one with Jenny, I was able to able to get exactly what I needed both in my film scans, and also in post-scanning corrections. Working with a small, independent shop that cares about its clients and is attentive to detail is a refreshing change from dealing with downtown color labs that are too big to care. SugarHill Works also provides pick-up and delivery within Manhattan, and can upload your scans to their servers to be downloaded at your convenience. I recommend SugarHill Works highly. From start to finish, I have found that the quality of work, the level of service, and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere can't be matched."

— Lorenzo Bevilaqua, lorenzobevilaqua.com

"I cannot recommend SugarHill Works highly enough — I am constantly complimented on my website for its clarity, beauty and originality. In addition to being thrilled with the result of my website, I also can’t say enough good things about the professionalism and responsiveness of everyone on the SugarHill team. They have been so attentive to my needs and willing to work with (and improve upon) my ideas — I feel incredibly lucky to have found them. Namaste!"

— Kate Greer, kategreeryoga.com

"Great service and great scans from good people. SugarHill understands photographers, and they know how to treat us. Definitely recommended."

— Brandon Holmes, brandonhaleholmes.com

"I knew Jenny and Dan from Print Space and always found them courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and hard-working. So when I had a major scanning project, and later website project, I turned to them and SugarHill for help. They have always been responsive and flexible, fully able to meet my expectations and help me articulate my goals for the work. Also, they’re all just really nice people."

— Paul Kennedy, portfolio site coming soon

"I came to SugarHill with an idea and you guys perfectly transferred it to the visual side, bringing your professionalism to the table, and you completely understood my company needs while working with me. The whole process was pleasant and inspiring."

— Shiri Cohen, shirdance.com

"Working with SugarHill has been a wonderful experience with a group of dedicated designers. They worked with me personally on each step and phase of my site.... That's when I knew I'd chosen to work with the right people. They made me feel comfortable, listened to my needs, and brought terrific ideas and creative solutions to the project. All in all, they created a wonderful website that I am so happy with! Thank you SugarHill Works!"

— Katrin Reifeiss, katrinreifeiss.com

"With technical expertise and artistic sensitivity, SugarHill has helped me realize my vision by providing top quality scans. Thank you Jenny and Ciel!"

— Karen Garrett de Luna, delunatic.net

"Working with everyone at SugarHill Works was a pleasure, and my finished web site surpassed all my expectations. I get great feedback about it from everyone who sees it. Ciel went above and beyond in creating much of the original artwork that makes the site so evocative and unique. I love it!"

— Steve Iannone, brooklynshaman.com

"My experience with Sugarhill Works could not have been better. They offered me excellent guidance and were very responsive to my vision, thereby creating a website that was exactly what I wanted."

— Susan Kuhlman, susankuhlman.com

"I always appreciate that I can meet with you one on one to relate what I want and to be informed about what you can do. That personal communication gives me the confidence that we're speaking the same language and that I'll get great results every time. Thank you."

— Jason Homa, jasonhoma.com

"My experience with SugarHill Works has been a total pleasure. During our first meeting, Ciel and Dan made me feel totally comfortable letting them know exactly what I wanted for my website. During the design phase I felt really included in the process and that my input and thoughts were important to them. I have been happy with every aspect of working with SugarHill Works and I would recommend them to anyone looking to build a website."

— Ellen Blaschke, ellenblaschke.com